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STELLE CITTADINANZA ITALIANA of MENGALDO SAVOY Patrícia is a company specialized in processes of recognition of Italian citizenship. We offer complete assistance (intermediation) to obtain Italian citizenship directly in Italy.

Our team is backed by lawyers and consultants who are prepared to assist our clients from simple to complex cases. So if you need to have your citizenship recognized, you can count on us.

STELLE CITTADINANZA ITALIANA is a company that primarily values the respect for the customer, as well as for the quality of the services rendered, thus ensuring that all processes are done correctly and effectively.

Obtaining Italian citizenship will enable our clients to realize their dreams of traveling through Europe, looking for new personal, cultural and professional opportunities.

STELLE CITTADINANZA ITALIANA of MENGALDO SAVOY Patrícia was founded by the Brazilian Patricia Savoy, who resides in the Puglia region (formerly Apulia) in Italy. Patricia joined the founder of the company DIRITTO DI CITTADINANZA S.R.L. of Fabotti Silmara, who has been in the market for more than 10 years in the Naples region and specializes in advising on Italian citizenship recognition processes. “I am now the representative of DIRITTO DI CITTADINANZA in the Puglia region. United and even stronger, Silmara and I will offer the best advisory services in Europe” says Patricia.

“I have always been very determined and committed and I have, all by myself, gone through all the ways to obtain my citizenship, overcoming unimaginable obstacles. As soon as I succeeded with my citizenship, I helped my family and my former companion, who also wanted to obtain Italian citizenship. There is no other way than determination, transparency, grit, knowledge, and faith in God to achieve our goals. And in relation to Italian citizenship, respect for the Italian laws in force is essential, because there is no ‘Brazilian way here”, says Patricia, who was the founder and one of the partners of CIDADANIA ITALIANA APULIA S.R.L.S., which is no longer active in the market.

Grit is what best defines Patricia, after all, to do the recognition alone, in a foreign country, with laws and rules so specific and without full knowledge of the Italian language, is not an easy task indeed. “I promised myself that I could achieve each stage of the process, step by step. I focused a lot, because I did not have money and could not fail, so studying, studying and studying was all I did before I raised the courage and came to Italy. I had to make it work and nobody would convince me otherwise”, she says proudly. 

The recognition of citizenship was also a dream of Patricia’s mother, who spent years and years gathering all the documentation necessary for the recognition of citizenship. “The thing that strikes me most is that my mother met her grandfather, my great-grandfather, and she always says that she remembers, very fondly, his beautiful blue eyes,” she says, stressing that this gives her immeasurable satisfaction.  

Patricia studied her entire life at the Instituto Educacional Imaculada, one of the best schools in the State of São Paulo. Graduated in Nursing from PUC-Campinas as one of the first and best students in the room, she lived in the United States for two years. She remained in Italy for eight months to recognize her Italian citizenship and that of her family members. She also lived in Ireland (Dublin) where she completed a six-month preparatory course for IELTS. Today she is back in Italy fully dedicated to the work of recognizing Italian citizenship for her clients and learning Italian language and culture. 

STELLE CITTADINANZA ITALIANA of MENGALDO SAVOY Patrícia offers its clients the service of preparation and search (Brazil and Italy) of documents, complete and detailed analysis of the situations and assembly of processes for those who wish to develop the process of recognition of Italian citizenship directly in Italy, both administrative and legal proceedings.

Our services consist of:

In Brazil

– Preparing the documents, gathering the certificates, corrections, conducting the searches and forwarding everything for translation and legalization.

In Italy

– Development of the process (intermediation, orientation and translation), that is, searches and requests for documents, real-estate leasing, obtaining personal documents, following up with the competent Italian offices and public agencies;

– Complete assistance for the recognition of Italian citizenship.