We, the team of STELLE CITTADINANZA ITALIANA, have always been very transparent in everything we do. We work in collaboration with and under the advice of a lawyer in Brazil.

We also work with a team of lawyers in Italy, for any and all legal assistance and advising on the preparation of the documentation for the recognition as required by current Italian law.

We are an advisory/intermediary company for the recognition of Italian citizenship. We are in Italy (in Puglia), we represent the company DIRITTO DI CITTADINANZA S.R.L. and we have an assistance/support team in Brazil.

The focus of our work is the part Italy, that is, carrying out the entire process of recognition of Italian citizenship through Italy.

We value transparency, truthfulness, honesty and competence in everything we do. As representative in the Puglia region of the company DIRITTO DI CITTADINANZA S.R.L., we make use of PARTITA IVA 085299.61.214 (Italian CNPJ) for payment of all due tax and for the safety of our customers, and our PARTITA IVA (Italian CNPJ) as an individual company to respond as a legal representative is 025721.10.746 (STELLE CITTADINANZA ITALIANA di MENGALDO SAVOY Patrícia)

Our PECs are fully operational ([email protected] or [email protected]) for better communication with the comunes and Italian public agencies. ​