How to get

conseguir cidadania italiana

There are several ways to acquire Italian citizenship:

– right to Italian citizenship by descent, also known as “Iure Sanguinis;”

– marriage;

– residence in Italy for at least 10 years with work or study visa.

The first step is to set up your family tree and gather all the certificates that prove your line of descent. After that you can choose between making the recognition of your Italian citizenship through a consulate or directly in Italy.

Italian Citizenship via Italian Consulate in Brazil

It is necessary to identify which is the Italian Consulate in Brazil that serves your State of residence.

Stay tuned!  Each consulate has its own requirements and its own waiting list.

Yes, there is a waiting list and you will have to enter it and wait for your call to submit the application for recognition of your Italian citizenship and all documents. Do not be alarmed if the queue is long, in some states the call takes place after 12 to 15 years of waiting.

Consulates require documentation to be recent and in good condition – thus organize yourself so as not to waste money.

Once the application is submitted with all the required documents, the consulate will carry out a complete analysis, checking the veracity of each document and checking if your request is complete. By law, they have a deadline of 730 days to complete the process!

Everything working out, you will be recognized as an Italian citizen from birth and may apply for the issuance of your Italian passport right there at the consulate.

Italian citizenship in Italy – via comune

It is also possible to start the process of recognition of Italian citizenship while in Italy. This is a strategy that compensates for the waiting time, but there are a number of rules that must be obeyed in order for the process to be carried out in accordance with the Italian law in force.

The logic is the same used for Italian consulates in Brazil: it will be the place of residence of the descendant that will indicate the place where the process will be done.

It is not necessary to make your citizenship recognition process in the same comune (Italian public office) where your ancestors were registered, you can choose another one that is more convenient  for you.

Italian Citizenship in Italy – via court

And it is also possible to start the process of recognition of Italian citizenship via court in Italy (VIA PATERNAL line and/or VIA MATERNAL line).

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