Necessary Documents

direito cidadania italiana

Following is the list of documents necessary for the Italian citizenship recognition process “Iure Sanguinis” – Necessary documents (usually):

1 – Antenato:

• Birth Certificate or Certificate of Baptism (ITALIAN CERTIFICATE)



2 – Negative Naturalization Certificate (CNN) of the Italian, issued in Brazil by the competent agency.

• CNN authentication is also important.

3 – Certificates of family members who are part of the Transmittal of Citizenship Recognition:

• Birth, Marriage and Death, up to the applicant.

4 – All Brazilian certificates must be: CERTIFICATES IN WHOLE CONTENT WITH RECOGNIZED SIGNATURE, and these are valid for up to 1 year.

• Birth certificates must contain appropriate marriage, divorce / separation and death notes.  

• Marriage certificates must contain, if applicable, the record of the divorce.

• If the divorcee is the applicant (consult the company on required documents).

• In case the applicant is adopted (consult the company).

5 – Certificates with: CERTIFIED TRANSLATION with validity of up to one year.

6 – LEGALIZATION BY NOTARY WITH HAGUE APOSTILLE  (Individual Apostille must be done by notaries in Brazil) of original documents, translations, CNN and its Authentication, validity of only six months before boarding.

7 – The Italian documents do NOT need to be apostilled and have only 6 months of validity after being issued.

Only by means of a complete and prior analysis can we confirm that the applicant has all the necessary and required documents for the recognition.

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